Walking On Ice – Recording Credits

Walking On IceWalking On Ice – Recording Credits

Track Listing

  1. Walking On Ice
  2. Black Africa
  3. Caffe Lena
  4. World Without Walls
  5. Chinalight
  6. Straightaway
  7. The Sandman
  8. Las Vegas Brides
  9. Elevator Man
  10. Just Like Paradise

Producer: Peter Gallway
Recorded at: The Studio – Portland Maine
Engineers: Tom Blackwell
Mixed by: Tom Blackwell
Mastered by: Sterling Sound NYC

Released: 1988

All vocals: Devonsquare
Acoustic guitars: Tom Dean
Electric guitars: Bob Thompson
Bass: Teg Glendon
Drums & percussion: Ron Bouffard and Lenny Hatch
Drum Programming: Tom Blackwell
Saxophone: Charlie Jennison
Keyboards: Michael McInnis

Aztec Two Step appears on Caffe Lena. Neal Schulman plays acoustic guitar and Rex Fowler plays harmonica.