Track Listing

  1. Industrial TwilightNo Sleep Adream At The Wheel
  2. I Had A Dream
  3. The Bum And The Angel
  4. Industrial Twilight
  5. Brave New world
  6. Mystery Road
  7. Nickel On A Dime
  8. Tin Man
  9. Who Man
  10. I’m Scared
  11. Acirema
  12. Industrial Twilight (Reprise)
  13. Grenade
  14. World In a Drop Of Blood
  15. Newport Lawns

Producer: Peter Gallway & Tom Dean
Recorded at: The Studio – Portland Maine
Engineers: Tom Blackwell, Steve Drown and Tom Dean
Mixed by: Tom Blackwell
Mastered by: Thomas Ciufo
Released: 1996

All vocals: Devonsquare
Acoustic guitars: Tom Dean
Electric guitars: Marc Schulman & Tom Dean
Bass: Teg Glendon
Drums & percussion: Joe Bonadio
Trumpet: Chris Botti
Saxophone: Aaron Heick
Keyboards: Shane Keister