Bye Bye Route 66 – Recording Credits

Bye Bye Route 66Bye Bye Route 66 – Recording Credits

Track Listing

  1. The Clowns Lead The Band
  2. If You Could See Me Now
  3. Message Of Love
  4. Raining Down On Bleeker Street
  5. Diamond Days
  6. Looking For Lovers Lane
  7. Bye Bye Route 66
  8. Straightaway
  9. Far Side Of Love
  10. Move On

Producer: Peter Gallway, Shane Keister, Ahmet Ertegun and Frankie LaRocka
Recorded: in New York City at Hip Pocket, Sear Sound and Battery Sound studios.
Engineers: Brian Malouf, Shane Keister, Michael O’Reilly, Tony Volante, Joe Arlotta, Darroll Gustamachio and Tom Blackwell.
Mixed by: Brian Malouf, Shane Keister, Butch Jones and Darroll Gustamachio
Mastered by: Bob Ludwig at Masterdisk, NYC
Released: 1992

All vocals: Devonsquare
Acoustic guitars: Tom Dean
Electric guitars: Dann Huff, Jeff Pevar, Bill Looosigian, David Fields, Steven Stills, Bob Thompson & Tom Dean
Bass: Kenny Aaronson, Wayne Pedzwater, Anthony Jackson, Mark Sidgwick and Teg Glendon
Drums & percussion: David Beale, Clint Deganon, Tony Beard, Frankie LaRocka and Joe Bonadio
Keyboards and Programming: Shane Keister